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Welcome to the Sandpit. We’ve made it quick and easy to get content made and get the attention of your staff and customers, on time and on budget.  Just follow a few steps and TVNZ’s in-house team Blacksand can bring your internal communications, training, health and safety, marketing, wellness or even events to life through the power of video.

How can video help your business?
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  • Wellbeing
  • Security
  • Instructional How-To
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We partner with Staples VR to provide immersive experiences
  • Expo
  • Training
  • Marketing
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  • Online Content
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  • Case Study
  • Testimonial
  • Edit
  • Voice over
  • Sound mix
  • Graphics

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Who's your audience?

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Describe your audience

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What’s your content about? What are the key things you want to get across?
How long do you want your content to be? Do you have any reference?

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Why video works

Bring your stories to life with TVNZ


TVNZ’s on-screen talent can give your communications instant star quality and credibility. NZ’s most recognisable faces and personalities can be utilised in either presenter roles or in interview scenarios.


Blacksand Studios offers a variety of spaces, including the largest full service studio in Central Auckland offering a fully HD environment with intelligent lighting and a 12 metre long videowall, and a purpose built green screen studio, and can all be fully crewed or dry hired.

Production Facilities

Blacksand post is a full service post production facility offering edit, grade, audio and vfx with our in-house design team of 2D and 3D experts, all under TVNZ’s roof. We can create a workflow that suits your needs, providing all the elements or just keep it simple.


As TVNZ’s adoption of new technology grows, so does the opportunity for businesses to access areas of it. Our AR studio can be utilised to drive live sales, interactions, and information explainers or used at trade shows and events. We also partner with Staples to provide 360 video, VR and AR mobile production for immersive training and experiences.


At the heart of TVNZ is over 50 years of storytelling passion and expertise. Using the power of video we have the ability to connect with your audience at an emotional level, move your reporting from informational to inspirational and bring your organisation to life while achieving business outcomes.

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