New Zealand line production

We like to make things easy


Here’s what you need to know

New Zealand has kicked Covid 19’s butt  and we’re ready to help capture your commercial content with unrestricted filming capability.

Blacksand can make this whole process simple, as part of New Zealand’s national broadcaster we know NZ like no-one else.

With access to amazing locations from mountain tops, dedicated vehicle snow  parks to deserted beaches – we can help facilitate your requirements at any scale.

NZ is world famous for its access to highly skilled crew and equipment and coupled  with digital  connectivity  we can provide  a live secure link from our set to your stakeholders, no matter where you are for real time communication.

We can help with any stage of your production

  • Location scouting
  • Local fixer (To travel with your crew)  and drivers
  • Casting and contracting
  • Travel, accommodation and visa requirements
  • Principal filming
  • Customs and freight requirements
  • Post Production
  • And don’t forget  Lunch with some of NZ’s best food and wine  on your arrival (Virtual doesn’t work so well here!) but it’s the best way to kick off we reckon!
  • And  of course any other request you may need to make your experience in New Zealand, second to none.

We promise to keep it simple, easy and professional,  so what next? Simply give us a shout bro (that’s kiwi for “please contact us at your best convenience”) and let’s get started by making contact below.