Making stuff happen from home

We’re gearing up for production at Level 3, where we’ll able to do some filming within advised, safe limits. Meanwhile at Level 4 we have creatives, editors, producers, soundies, colourists, VO artists and even director/camera ops working remotely within their bubbles to help our advertisers quickly adapt their messaging and create new content. Here are some examples of what we’ve achieved in lockdown.

Broadcasting Standards Authority

We enlisted New Zealand’s most famous Dad to help inform the nation that free-to-air classifications are changing. The TVCs were shot prior to lockdown with the sound mix, voice over and grade all done in lockdown, along with a whole website build.

Brother - Home Office

Made from scratch for Brother using a combination of stock footage, client stills and some graphic design talent. This is a good example of us swinging into action when the restrictions on essential goods were suddenly changed.

Yummy - SweeTango Apples

With a limited budget and existing assets, we were able to edit, animate and audio mix this 15 TVC to let New Zealanders know to try the world's loudest apple.

Trees that Count

We produced this spot from existing assets to give viewers a taste of what we’re all missing a bit of - the great outdoors.

In addition to the TVC there are a range of social assets going live.

Edits, grade, graphics, VO record and mix were all done in lockdown.