Line Production



New Zealand has kicked Covid 19’s butt and the entire country – including our world-famous production industry – is up and running again. That’s good news for you because while much of the world is restricted, our rivers, mountain tops, cities, and rolling green hills are open and ready for all your production needs.


That’s where we come in. The team here at TVNZ Blacksand are ready to help capture your commercial content with unrestricted filming capability. As part of the national broadcaster, we offer a top-tier production service.  We know New Zealand like no one else and have the best equipment and facilities to help you capture it for your productions.

Location scouting

We know this beautiful country from top to bottom and with the right brief can offer up the best locations to help create your production. With access to amazing locations from mountain tops, dedicated vehicle snow parks to deserted beaches – we can help facilitate your requirements at any scale.

Local fixer and drivers

We’ll travel with your crew and provide production support in any way we can, at any scale.

Travel, accommodation and visa requirements

We’ll take care of any visas and fast track them to ensure production can get off the to the best possible start.

Real Time Connectivity

NZ is world famous for its access to highly skilled crew and equipment and coupled with digital connectivity we can provide a live secure link from our set to your stakeholders, no matter where you are for real time communication.

Casting and contracting

New Zealand offers a wide range of diverse talent and being a part of TVNZ Blacksand gives us unparalleled access to them.

Principal filming

The Blacksand team bring in the top of their craft and equipment to deliver the best NZ can offer, from stunt talent, to precision drivers and underwater photography. Good humans that you’ll enjoy working with.. and celebrating with when the job is done.